Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mama Big Hoof

I went to the foot doctor yesterday. I had a painful protrusion on the right side of my foot. I quit running because of it and had promptly gained ten pounds.  After thoroughly giving me a foot exam, the foot doc said that I was most likely wearing too small of shoes.

There are some nasty little secrets about getting old that no one tells you until you're already there. Like that as you get shorter, your appendages get longer.

When I was in college, my shoes were a size eight. Can't say my feet were small, but they did match my body size. I'm on the tallish side, so eights weren't unreasonable.

But then I started having kids. I thought that with the first pregnancy it was the extra fluid that was causing my shoes to be tight. But after I gave birth and eventually lost the baby weight, I had to go out and buy all new shoes.

After each subsequent pregnancy, I continued to go up half a size. Finally I topped out at nine and a half. I wasn't happy. But since I was done having babies, my feet were done growing. Or so I thought.

A couple years ago I had a really bad case of plantar fasciitis. If you've never experienced this fun little malady, it's when the ligaments in your arches are inflamed and tear. It feels like you're walking around on bloody stumps.

I went to Lair's to get custom-made orthotics.  The shoe guy who was doing the casts of my feet asked me what size I wore. I told him a nine. Sometimes a nine and a half.

"You know, wearing too tight of shoes can bring on plantar fasciitis. I think you're at least a size 10."  He had to be mistaken.

He made the supports and put them in a pair of New Balances. I tried them on. They fit. I looked at the tag. Size 10-1/2. Aww, come on. Are you kidding me?

He tried to make me feel better by telling me that New Balances tend to run small and the supports took up extra room. But still. How could my feet have grown two and a half sizes, for crying out loud? I could understand feet getting wider. But longer?  Yep, they can. Everything spreads and lengthens as we age. Noses. Ears. Even feet.

I was seriously depressed.  If my feet kept growing at this rate, I'd be wearing a size 15 by the time I was 70.
I guess things could be worse. My nose is still the same size, unless I'm in denial about that too.

I'm now looking for something to fit my big hoofs for the wedding. On principle, I've decided I'm not buying anything bigger than a nine and a half. I'm sure I'll be in pain, but I figure I can go barefoot at the reception.

Picture of feet:

Too tight shoes;


  1. i was an 8 1/2 until i had my son. then i was a 9. i had my daughter, and suddenly, i wore a 9 1/2. in the last 2 years, i'm now a 10. you and i can go shoe shopping for size 15's together.

  2. Ha, ha, Trace. Why doesn't anyone ever warn you of this stuff? I guess it wouldn't do any good though. The only preventive measure would be to bind your feet like Chinese women did. Then we'd have shriveled, deformed little feet. I guess I'll keep the ones I got.